On judicial management from comparative perspective : International Association of Procedural Law Conference, 8-10, Nov. 2017, Tianjin, PRC / Loic Cadiet, Yulin Fu, editors

Date :

Editeur / Publisher : Singapore : Springer , [2023]

Type : Livre / Book

Langue / Language : anglais / English

ISBN : 981-19867-2-X

ISBN : 978-981-19867-2-7

Droit international privé

Procédure (droit)

Classification Dewey : 340.9

Cadiet, Loïc (1957-....) (Editeur scientifique / editor)

Fu, Yulin (Editeur scientifique / editor)

Résumé / Abstract : This book consists of general reports of the International Conference on Judicial Management from Comparative Perspective. This conference held on November 810, 2017, at Tianjin University, was organized by China Law Society (CLS) and International Association of Procedural Law Congress (IAPL). The general reporters are prominent scholars who have been selected worldwide by the IAPL Presidium to organize national reporters who shall do researches of his/her own state under the guide of the general reporters questionnaire on the specific subject. By this way, the comparative studies are trying to depend on national researches but overcome the general style of talk past each other. Moreover, the general reports summarize and give comment on the various system, phenomena or situation from comparative perspective, from which the audience will read their own orientation, doctrines and theories