Law and economic performance in the Roman world / edited by Koenraad Verboven, Paul Erdkamp

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Type : Livre / Book

Langue / Language : anglais / English

ISBN : 978-90-04-52512-2

EAN : 9789004525122

Droit romain -- Aspect économique

Conditions économiques -- Rome -- 284-476

Verboven, Koenraad (1968-....) (Directeur de publication / publishing director)

Erdkamp, Paul (1962-....) (Directeur de publication / publishing director)

Collection : Impact of Empire : Roman empire, C. 200 BC-AD 476 / edited by Olivier Hekster,... / Amsterdam : Gieben Publishers , 2001-

Résumé / Abstract : This book offers critical analyses of the dynamic relation between legal regulations, institutions and economic performance in the Roman world. It studies how law and legal thought affected economic development, and vice versa. Inspired by New Institutional Economics scholars the past decades used ancient law to explain economic growth. There was, however, no natural selection process directing legal changes towards macro-economic efficiency. Ancient rulers and jurists modified institutions to serve or safeguard particular interests-political, social, or economic. Nevertheless both economic performance and legal scholarship peaked at unprecedented levels. These were momentous historical developments. How were they related?