Casas 2021 : Lyrical Longing / Domestic dyptichs / Luis Fernández-Galiano

Date :

Type : Livre / Book

Langue / Language : espagnol; castillan / Spanish; Castilian

Langue / Language : anglais / English

ISBN : 978-84-09-32784-3

EAN : 9788409327843

Franco -- Arturo

Haimerl -- Peter -- 1961-...

Guallart -- Vicente -- 1963-....

Hevia García -- Guillermo -- 1986-...

Aires Mateus & Associados

Adjaye Associates

Bureau d'architectures sans titre (BAST) -- Toulouse

Buchner Bründler

Harquitectes -- Sabadell

Agences d'architecture -- Années 2010

Architecture domestique -- Année 2020

Fernández-Galiano, Luis (1950-....) (Directeur de publication / publishing director)

Frampton, Kenneth (1930-....) (Auteur de la postface, du colophon, etc. / author of afterword, colophon, etc.)

Résumé / Abstract : "The comparative exam of homes arranged in couples permits detecting common features and specific characteristics that tie the plural with the singular while taking stock of the material or symbolic elements that deserve to last, transferred to other contexts. It is an effort perhaps similar to that of defining the genotype of an organism eluding the infinite variety of phenotypes, simplified here by the use of only two structures, arranged in marriages of convenience because in effect they have a common interest. After all, the procedure can also be interpreted as the analysis of a prototype to achieve the decanting of an archetype that can serve as standard for the production of serial objects, because type is still our best tool, our best defense against the degradation of the stereotype, and the best path to avoid the defiance of what is boastfully presented as extraordinary..."