Law in the Roman Provinces / Kimberley Czajkowski, Benedikt Eckhardt, Meret Strothmann

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Type : Livre / Book

Langue / Language : anglais / English

ISBN : 978-0-19-187973-9

Droit romain

Administration -- Provinces romaines

Czajkowski, Kimberley (19-...) (Directeur de publication / publishing director)

Strothmann, Meret (Directeur de publication / publishing director)

Eckhardt, Benedikt (1983-....) (Directeur de publication / publishing director)

Relation : Law in the Roman provinces / edited by Kimberley Czajkowski and Benedikt Eckhardt ; in collaboration with Meret Strothmann / Oxford : Oxford University Press , 2020

Résumé / Abstract : The study of the Roman empire has changed dramatically in the last century, with growing emphasis on local experiences rather than a sole focus on imperial elites. This volume explores how law fits into this new, decentralized picture, utilizing a series of case studies to explore variations in the operation of law between different regions