Performing citizenship : bodies, agencies, limitations / Paula Hildebrandt, Kerstin Evert, Sibylle Peters... [et al], editors

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Type : Livre / Book

Langue / Language : anglais / English

ISBN : 978-3-319-97501-6

ISBN : 3-319-97501-3

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Arts du spectacle -- Aspect politique

Citoyenneté -- Aspect social

Classification Dewey : 306.484

Hildebrandt, Paula (Directeur de publication / publishing director)

Résumé / Abstract : "This book discusses how citizenship is performed today, mostly through the optic of the arts, in particular the performing arts, but also from the perspective of a wide range of academic disciplines such as urbanism and media studies, cultural education and postcolonial theory. It is a compendium that includes insights from artistic and activist experimentation. Each chapter investigates a different aspect of citizenship, such as identity and belonging, rights and responsibilities, bodies and materials, agencies and spaces, and limitations and interventions. It rewrites and rethinks the many-layered concept of citizenship by emphasising the performative tensions produced by various uses, occupations, interpretations and framings" (ed.)