Religion, philosophy and knowledge / Gregory W. Dawes

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Type : Livre / Book

Langue / Language : anglais / English

ISBN : 978-3-319-43499-5

EAN : 9783319434995

Philosophie de la religion

Théorie de la connaissance (religion)

Langage -- Aspect religieux

Classification Dewey : 210

Collection : Palgrave Pivot / New York (N. Y.) : Palgrave Macmillan , 2012-

Résumé / Abstract : This book offers a philosophical approach to religion that acknowledges both the diversity of religions and the many and varied dimensions of the religious life. Rather than restricting itself to Christian theism, it covers a wide range of religious traditions, examining their beliefs in the context of the actual practice of the religious life. After outlining the aims of religion, the book focuses on claims to knowledge. What kinds of knowledge do religions purport to offer? In what idiom is it couched? From what sources do devotees draw their claims to knowledge? Are these sources reliable? Rather than trying to settle age-old questions about religious belief, the book offers its readers a set of criteria with which they can make informed decisions in matters of faith