Multiforms, dyadics, and electromagnetic media / Ismo V. Lindell

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Type : Livre / Book

Langue / Language : anglais / English

ISBN : 978-1-11-905238-8

Électromagnétisme -- Modèles mathématiques

Formes différentielles

Formes extérieures (mathématiques)

Classification Dewey : 537.015 15

Relation : Multiforms, dyadics, and electromagnetic media / Ismo V. Lindell / Hoboken (N.J.) : Wiley , cop. 2015

Résumé / Abstract : This book deals with electromagnetic equations in terms of differential forms and exterior calculus (multivectors, multiforms and dyadics), allowing a coordinate-free way of doing analytic work. Also, applying four-dimensional formalism equations and expressions can be handled in a more compact form than through the conventional three-dimensional formalism. The content focuses on electromagnetic media by defining medium classes in several different ways and analyzing wave propagation in them. This book also deals with generation of boundary surfaces in terms of special medium interfaces. The introductory material on various types of dyadics is extended to include an appendix of operational rules ready for application. [source : 4e de couv.]