Prebujanje lepote : zbirka Crowther-Oblak - viktorijanska umetnost / Paul Crowther ; [predgovor Barbara Jaki ; prevod v slovenščino Alenka Klemenc, Branka Klemenc, prevodi poezije Marjan Strojan ; bibliografija Mateja Krapež ; foto Janko Dermastja, Bojan Salaj]

Date :

Editeur / Publisher : Ljubljana : Narodna galerija , 2014

Type : Livre / Book

Langue / Language : slovène / Slovenian

ISBN : 978-961-6743-43-3

ISBN : 961-6743-43-0

EAN : 9789616743433

Art victorien


Artistes anglais -- Slovénie

Smrekar, Andrej (1954-....) (Editeur scientifique / editor)

Krapež, Mateja (Editeur scientifique / editor)

Jaki, Barbara (19..-....) (Préfacier, etc. / author of introd)

Narodna galerija (Ljubljana, Slovénie) (Collectivité éditrice / Issuing body )

Résumé / Abstract : The Crowther-Oblak Collection of Victorian Art, the core of the Awakening Beauty project, currently numbers around 180 works with extensive support material from the artists’ other cultural outputs (unpublished letters, volumes of poetry, novels, theoretical writing, and illustrated books). It is being added to continuously and comprises mainly material from the Victorian classical tradition, from artists influenced by John Ruskin, and works of historical genre. Works acquired for the collection are selected by Paul Crowther and Mojca Oblak in consultation. Crowther performs historical and cultural analysis of them. Crowther has a special interest in works influenced by Ruskin, and in the enduring critical potential of his ideas (and the artists championed by him) in relation to contemporary ideologies of global consumerism and ‘enterprise culture’. Oblak’s artistic work is an exploration of a kind of living-alongside art as a means of overcoming standard spectatorship and gallery formats.