The making and unmaking of Francoist kitsch cinema : from Raza to Pan's Labyrinth / Alejandro Yarza

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Type : Livre / Book

Langue / Language : anglais / English

ISBN : 978-0-7486-9924-7

ISBN : 978-1-4744-3185-9

Cinéma -- Espagne

Cinéma et politique -- Espagne -- 20e siècle

Kitsch -- Espagne -- 20e siècle

Franquisme -- Au cinéma

Espagne -- 1939-1975 (F. Franco)

Classification Dewey : 791.430946

Résumé / Abstract : In fascist Spain, Francoism - like German and Italian fascism - produced its own particular brand of kitsch. Deploying religious and historical iconography drawn from Spain's centuries-long struggle against Islam, Francoist ideologues created a kitsch interpretation of Spain's historical past designed to replace more complex and nuanced accounts, where religious and historical iconography combined with kitsch aesthetics to project a picturesque, cliched image of Spain. The ultimate goal of this vast production of Francoist kitsch was to produce a submissive subject who, by identifying with Francoist aesthetics, would identify with state ideology. This book engages with the making and unmaking of Francoist kitsch aesthetics through the analysis of Spanish cinema. It examines five highly influential Francoist films produced from 1938 until 1964 and three later films by critically acclaimed directors Luis Bunuel, Guillermo del Toro, and Alex de la Iglesia that attempt to undermine Francoist aesthetics by re-imagining its visual and narrative cliches