The rule of crisis : terrorism, emergency legislation and the rule of law / Pierre Auriel, Olivier Beaud, Carl Wellman, editors

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Type : Livre / Book

Langue / Language : anglais / English

ISBN : 3-319-74472-0

ISBN : 978-3-319-74472-8

ISBN : 978-3-030-09000-5

EAN : 9783319744728

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Terrorisme -- Droit

Mesures d'exception

Primauté du droit

Auriel, Pierre (1992-...) (Editeur scientifique / editor)

Beaud, Olivier (1958-.... ; juriste) (Editeur scientifique / editor)

Wellman, Carl (Editeur scientifique / editor)

Collection : Ius gentium : comparative perspectives on law and justice / series ed. Mortimer Sellers,... / Dordrecht : Springer , 2007-

Relation : The Rule of Crisis : Terrorism, Emergency Legislation and the Rule of Law / edited by Pierre Auriel ; Olivier Beaud, Carl Wellman / 1st ed. 2018. / Cham : Springer International Publishing , 2018

Résumé / Abstract : La 4e de couverture indique : "This book analyzes emergency legislations formed in response to terrorism. In recognition that different countries, with different legal traditions, have different solutions, it adopts a comparative point of view. The countries profiled include America, France, Israel, Poland, Germany and United Kingdom. The goal is not to offer judgment on one response or the other. Rather, the contributors offer a comprehensive and thoughtful examination of the entire concept. In the process, they draw attention to the inadaptability of traditional legal and philosophical categories in a new and changing political world. The contributors first criticize the idea of these legislations. They then go on to develop different models to respond to these crises. They build a general analytical framework by answering such questions as: What is an emergency legislation? What kinds of emergencies justify laws of this nature ? Why is contemporary terrorism such a specific emergency justifying new laws ? Using legal and philosophical reflections, this study looks at how we are changing society. Coverage also provides historical experiences of emergency legislations to further illustrate this point. In the end, readers will gain insight into the long-term consequences of these legislations and how they modify the very work of the rule of law."