La problématique de la gestion du culte musulman en france / Youssef Nouiouar ; sous la direction de Denis Fleurdorge et de Abderrahmane El Adraoui

Date :

Type : Livre / Book

Type : Thèse / Thesis

Langue / Language : français / French

Islam -- Sociologie

Islam -- France

Imāms (sunnisme)

Mosquées -- France

Fleurdorge, Denis (Directeur de thèse / thesis advisor)

El Adraoui, Abderrahmane (Directeur de thèse / thesis advisor)

Maghraoui, Mohamed (Président du jury de soutenance / praeses)

Geisser, Vincent (1968-....) (Rapporteur de la thèse / thesis reporter)

Chabar, Saïd (Membre du jury / opponent)

Université Paul Valéry (Montpellier) (Organisme de soutenance / degree-grantor)

Université Sultan Moulay Slimane (Beni Mellal, Maroc) (Organisme de cotutelle / degree co-grantor)

École doctorale 60, Territoires, Temps, Sociétés et Développement (Montpellier ; 2015-....) (Ecole doctorale associée à la thèse / doctoral school)

Laboratoire d´études et de recherches en sociologie et en ethnologie de Montpellier, EA 4584 (Montpellier) (Laboratoire associé à la thèse / thesis associated laboratory)

Résumé / Abstract : La recherche s’intéresse à la place de l'islam en France et les problèmes qu'il soulevè dans une société sécularisée, principalement la problématique de la gestion du culte musulman: L’organisation du culte musulman en France s’est développée en lien avec une actualité nationale et internationale. La recherche essayera de mettre en lumière le rôle des différentes acteurs qui participent à cette gestion et le sens qu'ils donnent à leurs actions: Gouvernement, collectivités locales,associations cultuels, pays d'émigrations musulmanes,organisations etc. Le sujet est à la croisée de plusieurs disciplines : sociologie politique, sociologie religieuse, sociologie de l’immigration, administration territoriale, droit, théologie etc.

Résumé / Abstract : “The Muslim issue” stands in the very centre of the public debate in France. Studies andexpert reports are more and more numerous as a response to the academic interest and politicaldemand.It is to be noted that this issue is often studiedin relation to a given social or political reality,namely the surroundings areas of the Islamic creed, the status of women within the Muslim Faith,secularism and Muslim Faith and the issue of religious freedom, religious extremism, how to be aMuslim in France…Few research works however have considered the managing issue of theMuslim Faith in France.Scanning the still ongoing secularisation process of the Muslim creed inFrance , our research work deals with and draws a distinction on two closely linked different trendsconcerning how the Muslim Faith is organised :a mobilisation “from the higher levels of theMuslim society” backed by political and security considerations in combination with a “lowerlevels” originated mobilisation of the Muslim leadership to respondto the needs for religious dutiesand the necessary cultural transmission towards the newer generations. The interactions at playwithin the Muslim cult places and the officials organising the Muslim creed in France , thecontestfor the leadership of the Muslim standing ,the patterns of organizing and gathering funds forthe mosques, the meaning given to their dealings by the Muslim leaders , those are the manyquestions purporting to our attempt at decoding the situation. Thus the gist of our study focusesupon some topical issues concerning namely§ Muslim ranking officials and the different faces of the imam profession in France.§ the managing of the mosques and Muslim cultural associations as they are a meeting pointof the Muslims’ interests and the active political players’.§ finally the part played by the French State and the states subject to Muslim immigration inthis managing.The research spectrum is widespread and deals with several incidental issues, each of thesecould valuably lead to separate studies. We are facing a vast project which implies the engagementof several human and financial resources as well as the involvement of several research units for along duration.We are deeply aware that our study is an attempt to give a general view of the managingorganisation as regards the Muslim cult in France and the trends that are at play at the beginning ofthe 21st century.