French and Spanish queer film : audiences, communities and cultural exchange / Chris Perriam and Darren Waldron

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Type : Livre / Book

Langue / Language : anglais / English

ISBN : 978-0-7486-9919-3

ISBN : 978-1-4744-2599-5

ISBN : 0-7486-9919-8

EAN : 9780748699193

EAN : 9781474425995

Homosexualité et cinéma -- France

Homosexualité et cinéma -- Espagne

Homosexualité -- Au cinéma

Festivals de cinéma -- France

Festivals de cinéma -- Espagne

Cinéma français -- Espagne

Cinéma espagnol -- France

Cinéma -- Publics -- France

Cinéma -- Publics -- Espagne

Minorités sexuelles -- France

Minorités sexuelles -- Espagne

Classification Dewey : 791

Résumé / Abstract : La 4e page de couverture indique : "Advancing the current state of film audience research and of our knowledge of sexuality in transnational contexts, French and Spanish Queer Film analyses how French LGBTQ films are seen in Spain and Spanish ones in France. Studying films from various genres, the book examines their reception across four languages (Spanish, French, Catalan, English) and engages with participants across a range of digital and physical audience locations. With a particular focus on LGBTQ festivals and on issues relating to LGBTQ experience in both countries, the authors consider issues such as ageing, sense of community and isolation, and the representation of issues affecting trans people. Examining films that chronicle the local (in portraying national and subnational identities) while also addressing foreign audiences, the book draws on a wide sample of individual responses through post-screening questionnaires and focus groups, as well as drawing on the work of professional film critics and online commentators."