Contesting Indochina : French remembrance between decolonization and Cold War / M. Kathryn Edwards

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Langue / Language : anglais / English

ISBN : 978-0-520-28860-7

ISBN : 978-0-520-28861-4

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EAN : 9780520288607

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Guerre d'Indochine (1946-1954) -- Mémoire collective

Guerre d'Indochine (1946-1954) -- Historiographie

Guerre d'Indochine (1946-1954) -- Au cinéma

Commémorations -- France -- 20e siècle

Décolonisation -- Indochine

Colonies françaises -- Indochine -- 20e siècle

Relations -- Indochine -- France -- 20e siècle

Relations -- France -- Indochine -- 20e siècle

Classification Dewey : 959.05/3

Collection : From Indochina to Vietnam : revolution and war in a global perspective / edited by Fredrik Logevall and Christopher E. Goscha / Berkeley, Cal. : University of California Press , 2005-

Résumé / Abstract : "How does a nation come to terms with losing a war--especially an overseas war the purpose of which is fervently contested? In the ensuing years, how does such a nation construct and reconstruct its identity and values? For the French in Indochina, the stunning defeat at Dien Bien Phu ushered in the violent process of decolonization and a fraught reckoning with a colonial past. Contesting Indochina is the first in-depth study of the competing and intertwined narratives of the Indochina War. It analyzes the layers of French remembrance, focusing on state-sponsored commemoration, veterans' associations, special-interest groups, intellectuals, films, and heated public disputes. These narratives make up the ideological battleground for contesting the legacies of colonialism, decolonization, the Cold War, and France's changing global status"