The story of collapsing stars : black holes, naked singularities, and the cosmic play of quantum gravity / Pankaj S. Joshi

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Étoiles -- Évolution

Gravité quantique


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Résumé / Abstract : This book journeys into one of the most fascinating intellectual adventures of recent decades - understanding and exploring the final fate of massive collapsing stars in the universe that collapse catastrophically under their own gravity on exhausting their internal nuclear fuel. The issue is of great interest in fundamental physics and cosmology today, from the perspectives of gravitation theory and modern astrophysical observations. This is a revolution in making and may be intimately related to our search for a unified understanding of the basic forces of nature. According to the general theory of relativity, a massive collapsing star must give rise to a space-time singularity, where all physical quantities take extreme and arbitrarily large values. The singularity is either hidden within a black hole, or visible to faraway observers in the cosmos. In the later case, also called a naked singularity, the ultra-strong gravity regions dominated by quantum gravity effects are observable in principle. Such a long or short lived quantum star may have most intriguing theoretical and observational implicatinos, and we discuss recent results and developments on gravitational collapse of massive stars when naked singularities occur in the universe