Brokering Europe : Euro-lawyers and the making of a transnational polity / Antoine Vauchez

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Editeur / Publisher : Cambridge (United Kingdom) : Cambridge university press , 2015

Type : Livre / Book

Langue / Language : anglais / English

ISBN : 1-10-704236-4

ISBN : 978-1-10-704236-0

ISBN : 978-1-108-73524-7

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EAN : 9781108735247

Union européenne

Droit constitutionnel (droit européen)

Droit européen -- Jurisprudence

Droit transnational

Droit européen -- Codification

Europe -- Unité -- Droit

Classification Dewey : 341.242/2

Collection : Cambridge studies in European law and policy / New York : Cambridge University Press , 2005-

Résumé / Abstract : "Ever since the 1960s onwards, the nature and the future of the European Union have been defined in legal terms. Yet, we are still in need of an explanation as to how this entanglement between Law and EU polity-building emerged and how it was maintained over time. While most of the literature offers a disembodied account of European legal integration, Brokering Europe reveals the multifaceted roles Euro-lawyers have played in EU polity, notably beyond the litigation arena. In particular, the book points at select transnational groups of multipositioned legal entrepreneurs which have been in a situation to elevate the role of law in all sorts of EU venues. In doing so, it draws from anew set of intellectual resources (field-theory) and empirical strategies only very recently mobilized for the study of the EU. Grounded on an extensive historical investigation, Brokering Europe provides a revised narrative of the 'constitutionalization of Europe'