Francis Frith in Egypt and Palestine : a Victorian photographer abroad / Douglas R. Nickel

Date :

Editeur / Publisher : Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press , c2004

Type : Livre / Book

Langue / Language : anglais / English

ISBN : 0-691-11515-X

ISBN : 978-0-691-11515-3

Classification Dewey : 770/.92

Classification Dewey : B

Frith, Francis (1822-1898) (Editeur scientifique / editor)

Résumé / Abstract : "In 1856 the English photographer Francis Frith set out on the first of three tours of Egypt and the Holy Lands. Traveling up the Nile and then on to the Sinai, Palestine, Syria, and Lebanon, Frith Systematically crafted exquisite pictures of ruins, landscapes, and legendary sites

Résumé / Abstract : "Francis Frith in Egypt and Palestine narrates the political, intellectual, and social concerns that make Frith representative of England's encounter with the East in the nineteenth century. Historian of photography Douglas R. Nickel brings a sophisticated interdisciplinary approach to bear on the subject in order to expose the complexity of Frith's image-making, setting the photographs against a Victorian backdrop of religious debate, imperialist thought. Romantic philosophy, and Pre-Raphaelite aesthetics."--BOOK JACKET