Instrumentation mesure métrologie

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Editeur / Publisher : Paris : Hermès science publications , [20..]-

Type : Périodique / Serial

Langue / Language : multilingue / Multiple languages

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Classification Dewey : 621.05

International Information and Engineering Technology Association (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) (Editeur scientifique / editor)

Relation : Instrumentation mesure métrologie / Paris : Hermès science publications , 2001-

Résumé / Abstract : Instrumentation Mesure Métrologie (I2M) is a top-rated international journal on the latest scientific and technical developments in instrumentation, measurement and metrology. Our scientific committee evaluates the submitted papers and selects those that best illustrate the latest progress or provide new insights. The journal allows researchers on instrumentation, measurement and metrology to disseminate their most recent findings and share their experience with their peers. The objective of the I2M is to provide a faithful and up-to-date picture of the measuring and metrological techniques practiced in industry and labs. The journal is published regularly by with six issues per year.