Oxford & Cambridge : an uncommon history / Peter Sager

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Editeur / Publisher : New York : Thames & Hudson , cop. 2005

Type : Livre / Book

Langue / Language : anglais / English

ISBN : 978-0-500-51249-4

ISBN : 0-500-51249-3

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Vie intellectuelle -- Oxford (Angleterre, GB)

Vie intellectuelle -- Cambridge (Angleterre, GB)

Oxford (Angleterre, GB) -- Histoire

Cambridge (Angleterre, GB) -- Histoire

Classification Dewey : 942.5/74

Résumé / Abstract : "Oxford has spawned more Prime Ministers, Cambridge more Nobel laureates. In Oxford, so it is said, things are brilliantly formulated; in Cambridge, they are seriously thought through. Bill Clinton practised the saxophone in 60s Oxford, and became President of the USA; Bill Gates chose Cambridge as the location for the first Microsoft branch outside the USA." "Ever since the Victorian novelist, William Thackeray, invented a mythical 'Oxbridge', these two very distinctive institutions, as different as Harvard and Yale, have increasingly presented a common face to the world, a homogeneous elite whose sense of duty has been surpassed only by its self-confidence. Isaac Newton taught here; Stephen Hawking occupies Newton's professorial chair. For almost 800 years, the twin capitals of the intellectual life of England have radiated their influence across the globe: not just political leaders, but the best spies Communism could recruit; not just church leaders, but the great heretics and reformers; and a host of literary figures from Lord Byron to Salman Rushdie." "Peter Sager draws on a treasure trove of facts, figures and anecdotes to provide a witty and detailed map of Oxbridge. He roams through the idyllic gardens and courtyards, uncovers the secrets that lie behind the college gates and supports his literary journey with colour photographs and maps, a glossary, list of useful addresses and guide to further reading, Oxford & Cambridge is a unique combination of travel guide, history, biography and psychoanalysis of two towns that are not just places but states of mind." Sur la jaquette