Vietnam : state, war, revolution : 1945-1946 / David G. Marr

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Editeur / Publisher : Berkeley (Calif.) : University of California press , cop. 2013

Type : Livre / Book

Langue / Language : anglais / English

ISBN : 978-0-520-27415-0

ISBN : 0-520-27415-6

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EAN : 9780520274150

Guerre d'Indochine (1946-1954)

Viet-Nam (République démocratique) -- Histoire

Vietnam -- 1945-1975

Classification Dewey : 959.704 1

Collection : From Indochina to Vietnam : revolution and war in a global perspective / edited by Fredrik Logevall and Christopher E. Goscha / Berkeley, Cal. : University of California Press , 2005-

Résumé / Abstract : "Marr's previous book, Vietnam 1945, ends on 2 September when big crowds gathered in Hanoi and Saigon to celebrate Vietnamese independence. This book focuses on the next sixteen months, when Vietnam's future course was determined. It recreates in vivid detail what it was like to be there in these dramatic postcolonial moments as the Japanese, British and Americans faded from view, the DRV began to function and establish an army, the French maneuvered to restore colonialism, but the beginnings of the Cold War swept Vietnam into its orbit with the Chinese Red Army victories and Chinese arms on the border. As with his other books Marr pioneers the history of war from the Vietnamese perspective"--Provided by publisher