Aid dependence in Cambodia : how foreign assistance undermines democracy / Sophal Ear

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Editeur / Publisher : New York : Columbia University Press , 2013

Type : Livre / Book

Langue / Language : anglais / English

ISBN : 978-0-231-16112-1

ISBN : 0-231-16112-3

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EAN : 9780231161121

Démocratie -- Cambodge

Aide économique -- Aspect politique -- Cambodge

Assistance technique -- Aspect politique -- Cambodge

Politique et gouvernement -- Cambodge -- 1993-....

Conditions économiques -- Cambodge -- 1993-....

Classification Dewey : 320.9596

Résumé / Abstract : "Dr. Ear argues that the international community has chosen to prioritize political stability above all other governance dimensions, and in so doing has traded a modicum of democracy for an ounce of security. Focusing on post-1993 Cambodia, Ear explores the unintended consequences in post-conflict environments of foreign aid. He chooses Cambodia both for personal reasons--which infuses an academic analysis with a compelling sense of urgency--and because it is one of the most aid-drenched countries in modern history. He tries to explain the relationship between Cambodia's aid dependence and its appallingly poor governance. He concludes that despite decades of aid, technical cooperation, four national elections, no open warfare, and some progress in some parts of the economy, Cambodia is one broken government away from disaster."--Publisher's description