Pratiques informationnelles en milieu défavorisé : cas de professionnels à Madagascar / Stephan Ranjalahy ; sous la direction de Madjid Ihadjadene

Date :

Editeur / Publisher : [S.l.] : [s.n.] , 2012

Type : Livre / Book

Type : Thèse / Thesis

Langue / Language : français / French

Fracture numérique -- Madagascar (île)

Technologies de l'information et de la communication -- Madagascar (île)

Recherche de l'information

Communication dans les organisations

Culture technologique

Ihadjadene, Madjid (1968-....) (Directeur de thèse / thesis advisor)

Université de Paris VIII (1969-....) (Organisme de soutenance / degree-grantor)

Résumé / Abstract : This research attempts to provide some answers to questions that arise now in the information sciences. Many models have been proposed in the literature to account for the information practices in workplace. These models have fueled research and made concrete contributions in western business world (e.g: establishment of appropriate information system, information audit etc.). However, the applicability of these situations in the southern countries has not been fully verified. Indeed, despite the implementation of some research conducted in southern Africa region (Botswana, South Africa, etc.) in West Africa (Mali, Senegal etc.) and East Africa (Ouganda), we can say that African field yet suffers a lack of visibility. The stakes are huge for the continent. However, facing the information society which is globalized, Africa must absolutely hold its own game. Cultural and contextual factors that influence the uses and appropriation of ICTs should be taken into account in order to benefit fully from the advantages they can bring. Our contribution in favor of an Africa that does not undergo the perverse aspects of globalization is realized by modeling the information practices of professionals in Madagascar. This model would account different levels of fractures observed in the Malagasy field. In thread, the cultural factor embodied by the concept of “Fihavanana” in Madagascar is the subject of special attention.