Changing worlds : Vietnam's transition from Cold War to globalization / David W.P. Elliott

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Editeur / Publisher : Oxford : Oxford University Press , 2012

Type : Livre / Book

Langue / Language : anglais / English

ISBN : 978-0-19-538334-8

ISBN : 0-19-538334-6

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EAN : 9780195383348

Sécurité nationale -- Vietnam

Politique et gouvernement -- Vietnam -- 1975-....

Relations extérieures -- Vietnam -- 1975-....

Politique économique -- Vietnam -- 1975-....

Résumé / Abstract : "For the most of the twentieth century, the country of Vietnam has served as a symbol of the bipolar system of rival ideological blocs that characterized the Cold War. As the conflict over communism waned in the 1980s, Vietnam faced the tough task of remaking itself as nation in the eyes of its people and of the world. In Changing Worlds, David W.P. Elliot, a participant in the Aspen Institute's U.S.-Vietnam Dialogue who has spent the past forty years working closely with the people and government of Vietnam, chronicles the evolution of the Vietnamese state as we know it today."--Publisher's description