Joe Miller's jests: or, The wits vade-Mecum. : Being a collection of the brilliant jests, the most excellent bons mots, and most pleasant short stories in the English language; many of them trascribed from the mouth of the facetious gentleman whose name they bear. To which are added, choice collection of moral senteces. And of the most pointed and truly valuable epigrams in the British tongue; with the names of the authors to such as are known; most humbley inscribed to those choice spirits of the age, His Majesty's Poet Laureat, Mr. David Garrick, Mr. The. Cibber, Mr. Justice Loden's Horse, Tom Jones, the most impudent man living, the Rev. Mr. Henley, and Job Baker the kettle drummer

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Type : Livre / Book

Langue / Language : anglais / English