A true discovery of the Society of Jesuits, in relation to their politics. : Shewing their secret contrivances to set kingdoms at war, to stir up the minds of the people, and make them evil affected, both towards their prince, and one another, in every nation where they are permitted to reside. Written originally by Peter Jarrigius, who himself was once Jesuit, and admitted to the fourth vow, which, among them, is the highest degree of honour, attainable on the account of personal merit; but afterwards recanted the errors of the Church of Rome, and embraced the calvinist-persuasion at Rochel, but was obliged afterwards to throw himself under the protection of the states-general. To which is added, by way of appendix, the secret instructions for the superiors of that society, in relation to their conduct in their different stations; which were first discovered by Christian Duke of Brunswic, when he ransackt the Jesuits College at Paderborn in Westphalia / Jarrige, Pierre

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