A new and authentic system of universal geography, antient and modern : All the late important discoveries made by the English, and other celebrated navigator of various nations, in the different hemispheres, from the celebrated Columbus, the first discoverer of America, to the death of our no less celebrated contryman Captain Cook, &c. and containing a genuine history and description whole world, as consisting of empires, kingdoms, states, republics, provinces, continents, Islands, oceans, &c. with the various countries, cities, towns, promotories, capes, bays, peninsulas, isthmusses, gulphs, rivers, harbours, lakes, mountains, volcanos, deserts, &c. Europe Asia, Africa, and America: together with their respective situations, extent, latitude, longitude, boundaries, climate, soil, natural and artificial curiosities, mines, metals, minerals, trees, shrubs, fruits, flowers, herbs, and vegetable productions. With an account of the religion, laws, customs, manners, genius, habits amusements, and ceremonies of the respective inhabitants: their arts, sciences, / Bankes, Thomas

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