The practice of courts-leet, and courts-baron. : With full and exact directions for making up court-rolls, as well of courts leet as of courts-baron: as also, the manner of drawing and entring all sorts of presentments of forfeitures in courts-leet, and of surrenders, admissions, and recoveries in the nature of writs of entry sur disseisin en le post at the common law. Likewise, several curious matters and notes in law, relating to presentments; distress, amerciaments, fines, rescous, replevin, wastes, estrays, by laws, harriots, escheat, surrenders, &c. with directions for giving charges to the jury and homage at a court-leet and a court-baron. Published from the manuscripts of Sir Will. Scroggs, knt. sometime lord chief justice of England. To this third edition are added, very large additions, and the late acts of Parliament concerning the duty on surrenders, admittances, &c. the whole carefully corrected from the errors of the former impression / Scroggs, William

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