The mariner's new calendar. : Containing The principles of arithmetic and practical geometry; with the extraction of the square and cube roots; also rules for finding the prime, epact, moon's age, time of high-water, with tables for the same. Together with exact tables of the sun's place, declination, and right ascension: of the right ascention and declination of the principal fixed stars: of the latitude and longtitude of places: a large table of difference of latitude and departure, for the exact working a traverse. Also the description and use of the sea-quadrant, fore-staff and nocturnal: necessary problems in plane-sailing and astronomy, wrought by the logarithms, and by Gunter's scale: a tide table: the courses and distances on the coast of Great Britain, Ireland, France, &c. And the soundings at coming into the channel: with directions for failing into some principal harbours. By Nathaniel Colson, student in the mathematics. The whole revised, and adjusted to the new stile, by William Mountaine, F.R.S / Colson, Nathaniel

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