The British jewel, or Complete housewife's best companion : Containing I. A number of the most useful and uncommon receipts in cookery, with the manner of trussing poultry, rabits, hares, &c. illustrated with curious cuts, shewing how each is to be trussed. II. The best and most fashionable receipts for all manner of pastry, pickling, &c. with some general rules to be observed therein. III. Directions for making all sorts of English wines, shrub, vinegar, varjuice, catchup, sauces, soups, jellies, &c. IV. A table to cast up expences by the day, week, month or year. V. Every man his own physician; a valuable collection of the most approved receipts for the cure of most disorders incident to human bodies, from the most eminent English physicians. VI. The manner of preparing the elixir of life, turlington's balsam, Fryar's balsam, the court or lady's black sticking plaster, lip-salve, lady york's receipt to preserve from the small-pox or plague, &c. the royal patent snuff for the head and eyes; Dr. Braken's powder for the teeth, a secret for the c

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