Breslaw's last legacy; or The magical companion : Containing all that is curious, pleasing, entertaining, and comical; selected from the most celebrated masters of deception: as well with slight of hand, as with mathematical inventions. Wherein is displayed the mode and manner of deceiving the eye, as practised by those celebrated masters of mirthful deceptions. Including the various exhibitions of those wonderful artists, Breslaw, Sieur Comus, Jonas, &c. also the interpretation of dreams signification of moles, palmistry, &c. with a selection of the newest songs sung this season at Vauxhall, and other places of public entertainment: jests, riddles, epigrams, and bon mots. The whole forming a book of real knowledge in the art of conjuration. With an accurate description of the method how to make the air balloon and inject the inflammable air

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Type : Livre / Book

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