Design of reconfigurable radiofrequency power amplifiers for wireless applications / Laurent Leyssenne ; sous la direction de Eric Kerhervé et de Yann Deval

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Type : Livre / Book

Type : Thèse / Thesis

Langue / Language : anglais / English

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Classification Dewey : 530

Classification Dewey : 620

Kerhervé, Eric (1966-....) (Directeur de thèse / thesis advisor)

Deval, Yann (1963-....) (Directeur de thèse / thesis advisor)

Université Bordeaux-I (1971-2013) (Organisme de soutenance / degree-grantor)

Résumé / Abstract : The continuously growing throughput in wireless applications severely impacts the architecture and design of modern transceivers. One of the most challenging aspects is the design of the power amplifier (PA). Indeed, this block dominantly determines the overall transceiver power efficiency and therefore battery life-time. On the other hand, PA linearity is a key feature that limits the maximum allowed data rate. The goal of this thesis is to investigate and design novel smart architectures circumventing the stringent linearity/efficiency trade-off for third generation cellular and data transmission standards. A demonstrator has been developed on silicon (0.25µm BiCMOS ST Microelectronics technology), and has allowed validating the efficiency/linearity improvement principle.

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