Therapeutic abortion : The Brazilian case of anencephaly / Carmen H. Campos

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Editeur / Publisher : Ottawa : Library and Archives Canada = Bibliothèque et Archives Canada , 2007

Type : Livre / Book

Type : Thèse / Thesis

Langue / Language : anglais / English

ISBN : 978-0-494-40237-5

ISBN : 0-494-40237-7

Encéphaloaraphie -- Brésil

Avortement thérapeutique -- Droit -- Brésil

Droits des femmes -- Brésil

Résumé / Abstract : This thesis analyzes the interpretation of Brazil's criminal law provision regarding risk to life as it is applied in cases of anencephaly. Relying on the constitutional and international women's rights framework, I argue that the criminal law provision regarding risk to life should be interpreted in accordance with the fundamental rights set forth in the Brazilian Constitution. The constitutional interpretation of the criminal provision on risk to life allows physicians to perform abortion in case of anencephaly without judicial authorization. Particularly, this understanding extends the meaning of risk to life in an integrative approach that gives effect to women's fundamental rights and international human's rights law. I believe that this perspective is strategic to overcome the unfair situation resulting from the understanding that women need to seek judicial authorization to have abortion in cases of anencephaly