Norwood’s Epitome : being the application of the doctrine of triangles, in certain problems, concerning the use of the plain sea-chart, and Mercator’s chart. Being the two most usual kinds of sailing. With a table of artificial sines, tangents, and the complements arithmetical of sines supplying the use of secants. To radius 10,00000, and to every degree and minute of the quadrant. Also the logarithms of absolute numbers, from one to 1000, with a table of the right-ascension and declination of the sun : and certain principal fixed stars. Whereunto is added the farther Use of the forenamed tables in Questions of navigation, astronmy, ænd geography; as also an universal almanack. This last edition newly revised and corrected. By Richard Norwood, reader of yhe mathematicks.

Date :

Editeur / Publisher : London, printed for William Fisher, at the Pottern-Gate near Tower-Hill, Thomas Passinger at the three Bibles on London-bridge, Robert Boulter at the Turk's Head, and Ralph Smith at the Bible in Cornhill. 1679.

Type : Livre / Book

Langue / Language : anglais / English

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Navigation -- Ouvrages avant 1800

Fisher, William (16..-1690? ; libraire) (Editeur commercial / publisher)

Passinger, Thomas (16..-1699?) (Editeur commercial / publisher)

Boulter, Robert (16..-16.. ; libraire) (Editeur commercial / publisher)

Smith, Ralph (16..-1684?) (Editeur commercial / publisher)

Phillips, Robert (16..-16..) (Ancien possesseur / former owner)

Craven, James (16..-16..) (Ancien possesseur / former owner)

Séminaire du Saint-Esprit (Paris). Bibliothèque (1703-1790) (Ancien possesseur / former owner)

Dépôt littéraire des Enfants de la patrie (Ancien possesseur / former owner)