Medieval encounters

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Editeur / Publisher : New York : Brill , 1995-

Type : Périodique / Serial

Langue / Language : anglais / English

Controverses religieuses -- Moyen âge

Religions -- Relations -- Moyen âge

Islam -- Relations

Christianisme -- Relations

Judaïsme -- Relations

Civilisation médiévale

Classification Dewey : 940.1

Classification Dewey : 201.5

Relation : Medieval encounters / New York : Brill , 1995-

Résumé / Abstract : Medieval Encounters promotes discussion and dialogue across cultural, linguistic and disciplinary boundaries on the interactions of Jewish, Christian and Muslim cultures during the period from the fourth through to the sixteenth century C.E. Culture is defined in its widest form to include art, all manner of history, languages, literature, medicine, music, philosophy, religion and science. The geographic limits of inquiry will be bounded only by the limits in which the traditions interacted. Confluence is also understood broadly, to allow explorations of indirect intercultural interactions and exchange, and comparative approaches are also encouraged. Articles may deal with specific texts, events or phenomena, as well as theories of interpretations and analysis. The journal will actively promote a representative spread across all the humanistic disciplines and scholarly communities. All articles will be refereed by members of the editorial board and other scholars on the basis of their scholarly merit and the degree to which they promote our understanding of Jewish, Christian and Muslim relations in the Middle Ages. Articles may be written in English, French, German, Italian, or Spanish.