ESAIM = = Probabilités et statistique : / Société des Mathématiques appliquées et industrielles

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Editeur / Publisher : Paris : [Société de mathématiques appliquées et industrielles] , 1995-

Format : 1 ressource dématérialisée

Type : Périodique / Serial

Langue / Language : anglais / English



Statistique mathématique

Classification Dewey : 519

Classification Dewey : 519.205

Classification Dewey : 519.505

Classification Dewey : 510.5

Société de mathématiques appliquées et industrielles (France) (Directeur de publication / publishing director)

Relation : ESAIM / Paris : Société de mathématiques appliquées et industrielles , 1997-1998

Relation : ESAIM = = Probabilités et statistique : / SMAI / Les Ulis : EDP sciences , 1995/1997-2015

Résumé / Abstract : The journal publishes original research and survey papers in the area of Probability and Statistics. It covers theoretical and practical aspects, in any field of these domains. Of particular interest are methodological developments with application in other scientific areas, for example Biology and Genetics, Information Theory, Finance, Bioinformatics, Random structures and Random graphs, Econometrics, Physics. Indeed, we intend to develop the journal in the direction of applications and to open it to various fields where random mathematical modelling is important. In particular we will call (survey) papers in these areas, in order to make the random community aware of important problems of both theoretical and practical interest. We all know that many recent fascinating developments in Probability and Statistics are coming from "the outside" and we think that ESAIM: P&S should be a good entry point for such exchanges. Of course this does not mean that the journal will be only devoted to practical aspects (eng)