Heat transfer 1986 Volume 3, General papers : proceedings of the eighth International heat transfer conference, San Francisco, California, USA / edited by C.L. Tien, V.P. Carey, and J.K. Ferrell ; [organized under the authority of the assembly for international heat transfer conferences] ; [in cooperation with the American society for mechanical engineers and the American institute of chemical engineers]

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Type : Livre / Book

Langue / Language : anglais / English

ISBN : 0-89116-591-6

ISBN : 0-89116-559-2

ISBN : 3-540-16896-6

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Transfert de chaleur

Tien, Chang-Lin (1935-2002) (Editeur scientifique / editor)

Carey, Van P. (Editeur scientifique / editor)

Ferrell, J.K. (Editeur scientifique / editor)

Assembly for international heat transfer conferences. International scientific committee (Organisateur de réunion / organizer of meeting)

American society of mechanical engineers (Organisateur de réunion / organizer of meeting)

American Institute of Chemical Engineers (Organisateur de réunion / organizer of meeting)